woensdag 23 mei 2018

For Your Pleasure..on Bandcamp

You know Bandcamp, yes? Streamable and fun to use and to discover under and above radar music. Next to my regular JoosTVD profile I have now created a second one: JoosTVD2, his instrumental twin. Already featured as licenses on Jamendo, it's all about spreading these groovy vibes even more. Curious videomakers will surely find something that can fit their tasty frames. Move your pictures.
Get hooked then, oi!

dinsdag 22 mei 2018

Dutch review!

This is the third time, after "Open up My Parachute" (2016) and "Sagitario" (2017), I'll get another welcome review from dutch reviewer, thanks to Fred Pach from Musicworld.
Just short and sweet! Just say wOw.

Dutch multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter JoosTVD (alias of Joost van Dinther) remains productive in his studio, because Just Say Know is his third album in three years. With his new album, JoosTVD builds on the road taken on its previous albums with 11 decent songs, on the cutting edge of funky pop, r & b, often topped with a jazzy sound. It continues to be incredibly cool that he can invent, develop and complete his music projects in his studio. He delivers craftsmanship of international allure for Dutch standards.

De Nederlandse multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter JoosTVD (alias van Joost van Dinther) blijft productief in zijn studio, want Just Say Know is alweer zijn derde album in drie jaar. Met zijn nieuwe album borduurt JoosTVD voort op de op zijn vorige albums ingeslagen weg met 11 degelijke songs, op het snijvlak van funky pop, r&b, veelal overgoten met een jazzy sound. Het blijft razendknap hoe Joost van Dinther zijn muziekprojecten weet te bedenken, te ontwikkelen en in zijn studio af te werken. Hij levert voor Nederlandse begrippen vakwerk van internationale allure.

woensdag 9 mei 2018

Released "Just Say Know" And Where?

Great! "Just Say kNOw" released worldwide, but where to go to? Look around your corner...and pick one:

                                                          7 Digital
                                                                                                                                     Google Music


Constantly updated, so watch this page*!
Don't say I didn't tell ya...

donderdag 3 mei 2018

For Your Pleasure...5

Yes, here's the 5th one in the series just after the 4th. It's for you videomakers, who need a few fitting tunes to enhance their moving pictures. Potential listeners can enjoy the grooves and melodies of course...if you don't like my voice, haha. Couldn't wait for another instrumental album (only released on Jamendo folks!), just before my regular album "Just Say kNOw" comes out (sooner than I think). Really? That makes two instrumental albums en one vocal album in 2018.
No, no, no really... it's all about quality! It's just that I've been kicked around too long by these songs, begging me to let them out. Now you can play them. Need vocals on them tunes? In about week!

                                                                                                  For Your Pleasure Vol.5

donderdag 26 april 2018

The whole album on air

Radio is still important you know. Exposure is far greater than one spotify play by one listener. You can reach far more people. This next radio station has played my last album "Sagitario" all through 2017! Now I've this worldwide premiere, because my new album will be released only two weeks from now. Go to LonelyOakradio Press play at 6 PM tonight (london time, check your timetable). You have the chance to listen to the whole album in the "New Music Show"! 

maandag 23 april 2018

And NOW...

....here is the song for you to download on soundcloud!
Remember to share it with your communities. The whole new album will be available  in about 2 or 3 weeks.

zondag 22 april 2018

For Your Pleasure....4

Next to my regular (vocal) albums, I've always got a few other fitting tunes to offer as a license. To use as background music for example. Jamendo is a wellknown platform for this with a world-wide network.
This album consists only existing songs from "Lightning Dutchman [2015]", remixed and remastered only as instrumental tracks. Vol 5 and ... 6... will be next...this year.

4th (mostly all) instrumental album only available on Jamendo. Especially for those who need some supporting music (videomakers and advertising folks) to promote their stuff. Your images will never sound better! The songs have a streetvibe in them with the familiar themes, like danger, paranoia, crowded, fighting, busy. You can expect a lot of irresitable grooves (latinesque, funky) and tuneful melodies on top of them. 

                                                        For Your Pleasure Vol.4 [2018]

woensdag 18 april 2018

Let Us Hear A New Tune!

Here it is then. A new promo for both the eyes and the ears. Not that I'm not a professional video wizzard, but if I've gotta show something I'll do it the DIY way. All you need is dancing shoes and a grooving smile.

What do ya think? To me, this is just a simple, carefree and upbeat, funky tune from a restless guy that loves to dance but shyness holds him back.... Marvin Gaye wrote an irresistable dance song about that (Got To Give It Up) to keep up with the disco rage in 1977.
O, but I loved creating this little dittie.I wrote this very quick with a sort of naive confidence. All it took was a ball of spontanious energy. that you can't buy anywhere.
Well, I'm getting a little stiff maybe in the hips, but don't dare me! I'm not trying to grow up, that's all. Not now! Love life all over again.
Dancing freely can surely help to reduce the age problem. Stay a kid. Love the rhythm of life. So many ways to do it!

Promo "Not Now" from the brand new 2018 album "Just Say KNOW"

Lyrics/ Music (JoosTVD)

Not Now

One day I'll be a big boy
But not now, not now!
I want to have fun 
With my new toy

Just let me move
Move me to the rhythm of your life 

One day I'll get my act together
But not now, not now! 
I never fellt better 

Just let me move
Move me to the rhythm of your life 

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vrijdag 13 april 2018

Show Us The New Stuff!

Allright then. Some artwork had to be done. Did it. You must have seen a few snippets already. If you put these pieces together, there it is.

Maybe it's not modern to say in these streaming spotify playlists times, where your songs are mostly shuffle played, I still love the "album" concept though. A year's work and it's more than the music. The package. A promo. To show it. To give it a name.

First: how did I come up with this title?

                                                              "Just Say KNOW"

Such things you don't come up with instantly, but as I read a lot of fine written biographies and watch the eye catching docs, movies and tv-series, a simple sentence or quote always seems to be laying there for grabs.
I already had this song (the first promo) "Not Now". Well, just dare to say NO for once. I guess my father taught me long ago to say that. Then I saw this documentary- Dying To Know- about Timothy Leary, 60s LSD guru/icon (“turn on, tune in, drop out”), read more about him and one quote grabbed me: "Just Say Know" (read more HERE) as a reaction to Nancy Reagan's war on drugs in the 80's/90's: Say NO to drugs. Leary used it in a smart way: just say kNOw. It has more merit: knowledge is power. To say NO to any authority or anything that wants to overrule you is more legit then. It's still the sign of the times. I'm not trying to preach or getting nostalgic, I'm just a musician, trying to be creative. I say YES to that.

So here are the frontcovers and backcover and I liked two of them. There's a release with- for example on Bandcamp- and one- on Spotify and the like- without alias, which is required by AMAdea. I've used (as usual) the latest holiday pictures, this time from sunny Sicily, Italy.

 Walking in Palermo, Sicily. Frontcover- distribution AMAdea without alias
On the one without the alias "The Vanished Dutchman" you can see me walking into the darkness (?) of original mob city Palermo, Sicily. It also became part of the backcover as you can see.

Backcover: songlist, credits, notice that mirror word "WONK"

Frontcover with alias (The Vanished Dutchman)
I liked our sleezy appartment/ hotelroom so much that a picture had to be taken. So that became the official frontcover. In reality It's not all that glamourous though, but just enough to give the stereotyped fame and starstrucked artist some due.

Back and Frontcover
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donderdag 12 april 2018


Dear folks, a quick update. I had a minor problem with the frontcover as it was not accepted by the distribution man due to low resolutions of the picture (quality!), so I've showed them another, better one. It's allright now. Fingers and legs crossed!                         


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